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Please check out our latest news and events going on at the store, found on this page. Other events, older news, and other information may be found by using the links at the top and bottom of the page. Don't forget we cover, attend and host gaming around town and at events across the country!


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Recent news

1/12/2017      Facebook Page Updates

Reminder that we moved our event updates to the Facebook Page
Games2d4 Facebook
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11/28/2016      Charity Weekend

For the Charity events this weekend, here is the list of items.

When you donate, you’re giving much more than food to a family struggling with job loss or other financial’re giving HOPE.
until every bowl is filled.

Most Needed Items List:

Please donate only non-perishable items in
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11/24/2016      Black Friday

Games to Die For Black Friday Sale!


Magic Commander Decks $30
Magic Packs 25% off
All Board Games 25% off
All Miniatures 25% off (Infinity and Warmachine 30% since they are always 25% off)
Paint 25% off
Pokemon 25% off
Magic Singles 10% off pick-up orders (ordered on
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7/12/2016      Check out our Prerelease!

Check out the Magic Prerelease events read more »

5/21/2016      Warhammer Quest

Today we are running a special on the new Warhammer Quest! $110 each! This is only till 5pm, after that they go back to $150. That's $40 off, hurry in while they last! read more »

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